• Journal of Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Arts JIA JOURNAL (IJIIA) has adopted the basic principle of applying ethical rules and norms on all types of articles selected to be published.
  • The overall process of evaluation is subject to the principles of neutrality and objectivity.
  • It is within the responsibility of the authors that the articles be written with a scientific aspect and academic language. Those articles which do not meet these requirements shall be returned under this reason to the authors without evaluation.
  • In the case of multi-author articles, each author accepts and declares his/her personal contribution to the study. In this respect, in case of any ethical and/or legal problem arising from the article, all authors are considered as having accepted the common responsibility and penal liability.
  • The articles submitted for evaluation should not be sent to another journal for evaluation at the same time. In case of any breach of this ethical rule, none of the further articles sent by the author will be evaluated in the following process.
  • Articles submitted for evaluation should not have been published before in any other journal.
  • Those articles which have been presented in a symposium before and published only as an abstract in the symposium book of abstracts, can be accepted for evaluation only if the author responsibly states this situation and the detailed record of the symposium activity in the abstract section of the article.
  • In the case of studies financed by a research institution or fund, the name of the institution and the registry number of the project should be stated as a foot note on the first page of the article.
  • All necessary attention should be paid by authors for any possible problems to arise from issues of reference and all problems related to this issue shall be within the responsibility of the authors. Our journal accepts no responsibility in this case.
  • Although all articles submitted for evaluation will be processed with plagiarism software to calculate the ratio of total quotations, this process is expected to be also accomplished by the authors before submission. All problems arising from issues of plagiarism are considered to be within the responsibility of the authors. Therefore, total quotations are recommended to be within the ethical limits of  %10-12.
  • All articles prepared for publication are asked to be once more reviewed by the authors on the final stage of publication. Nevertheless, in case of any significant or secondary problem detected after final review, the editor-in-chief should be contacted immediately for any editing necessary, or the article should be withdrawn from publication.
  • In case of multi-authored articles within the process of publishing, it is not possible to change the places of authors’ names in the authors list, or to change the number of authors. This issue should be carefully taken into consideration before article submission and no such demands should be related to the editor.

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