Yazar : Funda ALTIN
Türü : Özgün Makale
Baskı Yılı : Aralık 2022
Doi Number : http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/ijiia.188
Sayı : 15
Dönem : 7. Cilt Kasım/Aralık Kış Dönemi
Tarih : 2022-10-26 20:17:23


The aim of this research is to examine the close relationship between the 12.000 years old ancient civilization of Ecuador’s indigenous people’s primeval beliefs and their ceramic production practices. Within the ceramic workshop organized by the researcher for the students of Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador-Quito’s Art and Design Faculty in 2017, archeological sites and museums have also been visited. During this field study the researcher visited the Casa del Alabado Museum, where she investigated the shamanist ceramic artifacts which have been produced before the dominations of Inca Empire, Spain and Colombia in this region, and collected the necessary documents. Thus this research includes the relationship between the antique Ecuador’s indigenous people’s ceramic artifacts, which they produced in line with their beliefs between 4.000 B.C.-1.530 A.C., and their shaman culture. Casa del Alabado Museum situated in Ecuador’s capital city Quito is one of the scarce examples, where the best representatives of these artifacts one may come across, are displayed. The relevant data have been elicited from the curator and catalogues of the museum, from the library and ceramic department lecturers of the hosting university and official websites. All the data obtained have been evaluated by considering climate, geography and belief. The results of this research revealed that (in the context of ideology-concept-product quality-production vision) the antique Ecuadorians’s ceramic knowledge and design skills were extremely advanced. The abundance of researches about shamanism in the literature is clear, yet the equivalent examples of these ceramic artworks, which are the reflections of South American shamanists’s beliefs, in other shamanist communities are not discussed. Furthermore, by considering the substantial scientific data proving that Shamanism passed down from central Asia to America (the New World), it is both possible and necessary to do a comparative study on different primitive shaman communities’s ritual objects by selecting ceramic artifacts as the baseline.

Keywords :

Ecuador, Shamanism, Ideology, Antique Ceramic Art, Casa del Alabado
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