Author : Betül KARAKAYA - Menekşe Eda ÖZTÜRMEN
Type : Özgün Makale
Printing Year : Aralık 2019
Doi Number :
Number : 9
Term : 4.Cilt Kasım/Aralık Güz Dönemi
Date : 2019-11-08 12:05:48


The use of figures in ceramic art starting with mother goddess figurines is seen in porcelain figurines with the most colourful and garish way after the industrial revolution. As a mostly decorative object that takes their places in the living spaces porcelain figurines; reflects social references/ traditions/ morals are also defined as kitsch objects. Porcelain figurines represent scenes from life at the same time they enforce the audience to think beyond the seen by using satire. Collage and assemblage techniques; it is one of the expression methods that the artist uses in plastic arts, reflecting the artist’s own exceptional way and emerges as the first link that the artist established with the avant-garde. The use of found objects and the interventions and additions to the art piece are actions to strengthen the content rather than the form concerns. Although the found object used in the collage conserves the shape it is transformed into meaning. It is seen that everyday use goods evolve from a functional or decorative object to an art piece. In contemporary ceramic art, porcelain figurines have deeper meanings than being an object of mass production. In the scope of this research; the artists who are using porcelain figurines with collage and assemblage techniques will be studied through their works and the transformation porcelain figurine will be examined from a product to an art piece. These objects, decontextualized from their intended contexts, allow the viewer to revaluate the figurine which is the essential element of an art piece. Even though the ready-made object used in the piece keeps the existence of form meaning undergoes a transformation. It is seen that daily used objects evolve from a functional or decorative object to an art piece.


Porcelain, Figure, Figurine, Collage, Assemblage
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