Author : Ali Seylan
Type : Özgün Makale
Printing Year : Aralık 2016
Doi Number :
Number : 1
Date : 2016-12-22 12:39:10


Medical illustration is an interdisciplinary field at the intersection of arts and medicine that has been practiced in the West forn early 500 years and has acquired a Professional identity for 100 years in order to render the education, production, and technology of health-related fields more intelligible. The first program was opened at the John Hopkins University in the US at the graduate level. Medical Illustration is an interdisciplinary field that emerges at the intersection of art and medicine. Its development process evolved in paralel with the scientific innovations in medicine through the use of the traditional methods of art; however, today it has attained more effective to olsand forms of expression through the new facilities offered by technology. The technological developments have made its interdisciplinary nature more elaborate. While new imaging techniques in the medical field make the human body more understandable, new visualization techniques provided by the technology have strengthened the communications kills of the artist. In the West this is an indication that the schools, exhibitions, Professional associations, library archives, which are opened in the field, have fully institutionalized medical illustrations. New media facilities and internet network have strengthened the Professional communication of the field members. Inparticular, the relationship between the designer and the user appears to be important in terms of providing a lifelong vocational training through the designer's experience sharing and trainings. Archives of medical and medical illustrations can be accessed more easily by the online libraries. There is a great need for medical illustrations for use in the promotion of medicinal products and technologies in Turkey, in medical research and publications, in medical education, and in public health informations. The experience gained in our country, both in medical educationand in the education of arts fields, has not been transferred to this interimarea. While the education of medical illustration possesses a nearly 100-year background in the West, especially in the USA and in Canada, the first instance of its practice was initiated at the postgraduate level at Ondokuz Mayıs University. This article aims to discuss the rationale, scope, and content of this educational practice.


Medical Illustration, medicine art, biomedical communication
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