Author : Engin Güney - Ali Seylan
Type : Özgün Makale
Printing Year : Aralık 2016
Doi Number :
Number : 1
Date : 2016-12-20 14:48:29


Technology is a dynamic element that has been influential in cultural development and change throughout the history. The cultural transformations that have arisen due to the widespread use of new media technologies can not be compared with before. Virtual media not existing before; computer, internet and mobile technologie shave created a new environment for cultural processes. Concepts such as "digital culture", "techno-culture", "touching society", "digital indigenous" can be regarded as present-dayreflections of new developments related to culture-technology. Art, like technology, is a form of social consciousness that changes culture and develop swith culture. Changes that depends on time and space in understanding of art is paralel tothe cultural processes. Nowadays Techno-cultural changes in our perception-thought patterns and visual styles affect the style, philosophy and content of artwork. Nowadays, it is seen that digital art Works which simultaneously stimulate a lot of senses are increasing. The interaction between new media Technologies and the artwork-viewer brings a new dimension to the work of art. Time-space concepts that are Exchanged with interactive communication in the virtual environment are also reflected in the works of "digital art". To consider the influence of new media technologies on art, just as a "vehicle" that gives new expansions, can be likened to perceiving the size of ice as if it consisted of the part that appeared on the water. The main big part of the ice below the water is the effecs of the new media effect in gartistry in the techno- cultural context. In the cultural transformations, themulti-disciplinary attitude displayed by new media Technologies playing an active role on the global scale and the effects of artists, art production and audience perceptions creates a contemporary discussion area.


New media, newmedia art, techno-culture, multi-disciplinary
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