Author : Lübov KAPANITSYA
Type : Özgün Makale
Printing Year : Aralık 2016
Doi Number :
Number : 1
Date : 2016-12-20 18:55:48


The article elucidates the place of a daily life lyric song among other folk genres with their genesis and constituent elements rooted in a myth and a ritual. The role of the primordial thinking and the traditional techniques of reproduction of the world outlook experience are considered. In particular, the author emphasizes that a lyric song is not so much a description of the surrounding world or a reflection of the performer’s feelings as reproduction of the adjusted scheme of the people’s Weltanschauung which function is closely connected with magic actions, divinations and charms. This predetermines the well-established form of images and plots typical for lyric songs as its task is not to describe the world or new events but to preserve the archaic scheme of the world perception to be applied to the everyday life situations for their comprehension within the timeless outlook. Surely, it doesn’t preclude such role of an everyday life song as discharge of excessive, mostly negative feelings. This preconditions the main features of an everyday life lyric song: stereotype and repetition, the sensual and emotional way of experiencing the reality, social communicability and the metaphoric form of comprehension of the world.


lyric song, myth, ritual, creative principle, semifunctional symbolic mechanism
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