Type : Özgün Makale
Printing Year : Temmuz 2017
Doi Number :
Number : 2
Date : 2017-03-22 11:42:45


Starting with the 20th century, museums have shifted from their traditional characteristics and turned into educational centers, leading to a new development process involving the exhibition spaces. In order to showcase the collections more effectively and send the message across to the visitors, story oriented narrative approaches are being adopted more frequently and there appears to be a transition “from object oriented exhibits to visitor oriented exhibits”. This paper, which studies the issue of “exhibition space design” underlines the importance of spatial designs that are compatible with the storylines to allow the visitors interact and connect with the venues. This research aims to highlight the importance of supporting the stories with design elements that provide interactivity when designing interactive exhibition spaces. When setting up museum exhibition spaces in terms of storytelling, in venues that use visitor oriented narrative techniques, the need for designs to be “interesting” and “intriguing” and “to connect the visitor to the venue” is discussed. The museums may attract more visitors through engaging designs that allow the visitors to connect with the venue and by offering interactive spaces throughout the exhibitions. In this context, the paper focuses on topics such as storytelling, concept development, target audience selection, exhibition and design approaches, selection of exhibition design elements, the human factor in exhibition design, the arrangement of the objects, visitor orientation and navigation, all of which are required to establish engaging and interactive exhibition spaces. The paper aims to help the exhibition designers better understand their role and the stages they have to go through for a successful exhibition.


Engaging Exhibition Space, Interactive in Museums, Storytelling, Exhibition Design Elements, Exhibition Designer
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