Author : Rafiq Imrani
Type : Özgün Makale
Printing Year : Temmuz 2017
Doi Number :
Number : 2
Date : 2017-06-10 14:09:37


Turkey poses a variety of cultural textures and rich civilization thanks to its multiracial social structure in which people lives together. The Karapapak and Terek me Turks have been played an important role in the development of various region’s musical culture after they migrated to these regions from the north and middle Anatolia. The Karapapak and Teleseme Turks who poses a rich art of saz and various dances suggests that the culture of Turkish people dates back to Sumerians and even old times due to their unique traditional cultural structures they have created. These structures have shaped the basis of Turkish civilization. A number of archaeologists have been made many excavations throughout two centuries in Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Iran and they found clay tablets, vases which have various figures on them. Yet the first explorations have been made in Ethnomusicology field and this discipline used an interdisciplinary method consists of history, psychology, musicology, and ethnography. The art of Saz, Aşıklık tradition, the dances of Caucasian and Anatolian regions which dates back to the Sumerian era have had influences on Caucasus, Iran, Dagestan. The figures on the Sumerian clay tablets and Sumerian vases we acquired following the searches indicate that these art genres connected to Karapapak culture. However, the figures on the clay tablets will be demonstrated as well as the presentation of the sources that assert the art genres in question belongs to Karapapak Turks.


Karapapak, Saz, Caucasus (Kafkas) dance, Âşık (a kind of wandering musician).
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