Author : Günseli Toker
Type : Özgün Makale
Printing Year : Temmuz 2017
Doi Number :
Number : 2
Date : 2017-06-14 13:21:30


The weaving of tapestry ( Goblen ; Gobelins) has been evolved with the evolvement of the culture since the Middle Ages. The emblematic and decorative designs and motifs woven at the early stages of tapestry , express different meaning than today. The woven tapestry which was a need at the beginning has turned into descriptive art over the years. The art of tapestry is one of the common craft works of the different cultures. Although the materials used could vary but the technique of tapestry production was quite similar. The art of drawing pictures by weaving ; the art of tapestry . has played very important role in history and arrived today. Traditionally the pictural tapestries are the splendid historical woven hangings on the wall. The unicorn and the lady hangings which are 6 pieces ,contain all the characteristics elements of their era but yet very unique. they have attracted a lot of attention over the years mainly because of the beauty of the scenes depicted as well as the high quality of production. The scenes are simple in appearance but enigmatic. The fame of these tapestries also comes from its appeal to a complex history whose true chronology has become blurred with anecdote and legend.


Tapestry, women, the unicorn
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