Author : Mahmud Selman Özkeçeci - Yrd.Doç.Dr.Orhan SEVİNDİK
Type : Derleme
Printing Year : Temmuz 2017
Doi Number :
Number : 2
Date : 2017-06-23 16:18:54


The notion of game, as old as human history, has been used sometimes as a source of entertainment, at times as battle tactics, or sometimes as an essential curriculum for training of emperors. In addition to the contribution of games which involve the use of intensive strategy; such as “go” or “chess”, to analytical thinking and development of intelligence, the positive effects of many physical activity based new or old games on physical and mental development, team play and cooperation is widely acknowledged. As we move from this historic background to modern-day, it is easy to observe that by entering to our digital screens, games, has become a major part of our lives in a short time, and has reached the masses that old-fashioned analogue games could not reach so far. Globally accepted game characters, stunning graphics indistinguishable from reality, huge fanbases, and even e-sports tournaments that could be almost accepted as Olympics, unfold the importance of the games every day in a way and create a continuity on new generations’ interest in games. In this study, the history of game will be examined, and besides the changes in the notion of game, formation and diversification of new game types will be studied. During this process, the periods when technical and engineering features of games overweigh will be attempted to be classified as much as the periods when aesthetics dominated. How games turned into commercial metas subsequent to digital screens that first came into our lives; how they became indispensable parts of our lives as they gradually became more compatible to home uses, and how intellectual properties, design lines and aesthetical language took place in the existing written sources in this process will be examined. In this research, thematic literature review has been used as the methodology. Although the historic process will be mainly studied, a thematic study structure is required as the resources to be analyzed are up-to-date, and the subjects will be associated using a cross comparative approach. As a result of the research, it has been ascertained that there is lack of resources in the field of game design in Turkey, and there is also confusion in the concepts related to the field.


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