Author : Pınar SOMAKÇI
Type : Özgün Makale
Printing Year : Aralık 2018
Doi Number :
Number : 5
Term : 3. Cilt
Date : 2018-05-26 15:13:34


Ottoman music created its own style as the result of interaction with eastern music in 17th century. 18th century is called as age maturity for Ottoman Empire. Lack of musical resources music history of these centuries, obliges more detailed investigation of Turkish music in these periods. Turks never neglected music in their history. Music had also been very through the centuries. Developments of music century can not be think in different way . The centuries usually take some aspects and pehenemenon from the previous century, and they forward them the next century. As a matter of fact, looking at the historical developments, it can be seen that the Turkişh music progressed in 17th centrury and this progression was keep in the 18th Century. At the begining of 18th century is one of the turning points of the Ottoman State. The Ottoman lands that was lost by sentence of the treaty of Carlofca started to be shared by European countries. Additonally, Europeans day by day was more threat by their powefull army for Ottoman Empire. Despite all these negativities, the proression of art continued successfully in the Ottoman Empire, and the artisans continued to give unique works as they did in the previous eras. In this study, the developments in the field of Turkish Music in the 18th century were examined in general terms. The influence of the political personality, which has an important role in cultural development, as tried to explain by the musical vision and policy of Sultans who lived in the related eras. As result, maturity era (for music) was lived in this period by the supports of sultan, thanks to this many big musican and composer left big tracks in Turkish history. The composers have performed works in all three areas (divan, tekke and lover) regardless of style difference. Also some important musicians such as Kantemiroğlu and Nayi Osman Dede worked on theorical area besides performance and composition.


Turkish Music, 18 th centruy, Ottoman Sultans, Musical Approaches, Ottoman Era
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