Author : Rauf KERİMOV
Type : Özgün Makale
Printing Year : Ekim 2019
Doi Number :
Number : 8
Term : 4.Cilt Eylül/Ekim Sonbahar Dönemi
Date : 2019-05-16 12:55:39


One of the important features of oral creativity is the improvisation of the debating parties. It is not easy to add a response to a spontaneously said rhyme according to certain criteria. In this context, мeykhanа, one of the folklore elements of Azerbaijan, has recently become one of the main areas of research in oral folk literature. This is a dialogue in which one or two people improvisely utter small rhymes with humorous elements, without prior preparation for a particular topic. This dialogue of forms is called deyişmə (also atışma). This oral art, which is expressed improvised, is regarded by many scholars as “a verbal miracle”. The phenomenon of мeykhanа can be considered in the two main dimensions. One of them is a performance in which episodes from mass shows are contained, and the second is a poetic structure that contains elements of classical oriental poetry. Accompanied by music and rhythmic instruments is another factor that determines the meaning for мeykhanа. During the Soviet period, described as a street culture, despite the pressure of a powerful ideological machine, мeykhanа continued to exist. Today, this art is one of the most common folk elements performed in Baku and its environs. This article discusses the tradition of мeykhanа, this original oral artistic genre, its various aspects and sociocultural reflections. There is an insufficient level of understanding of this folk music and poetic creativity, which was passed from one generation to another. Due to the lack of work, it is necessary to increase the sources in this area. This study is used in the literature review and qualitative research studies.


Oral Tradition, Meykhana, Improvisation, Battle of Words, Poetry Musical Genre
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