Author : Cihan Şule KÜLÜK
Type : Özgün Makale
Printing Year : Ekim 2019
Doi Number :
Number : 8
Term : 4.Cilt Eylül/Ekim Sonbahar Dönemi
Date : 2019-09-23 01:35:40


One of the primary goals of the art museums is to attract visitors to museums in order to fulfill excessively the mission that they undertake for the construction of the society and to continue their existence. If that's so, then are the art museums which contain countless art works and are a center of attraction with their magnificent architecture for adult visitors, attractive to the children as well? Usually artmuseums may not be inviting for the children with the overwhelming architecture of the huge galleries that contain countless art works, art collections which do not only appeal to adults but also designed according to the perspectives of the adults, the rules that have to be obeyed permanently, the deep silence crowned with the existence of the security staff, presented with the manner that does not let the exploratory spirit of the children to be realized. However, in the developed countries there are art museums which are aware of these facts, ruin the odd, unfamiliar or untouchable impression for the children by applying many programs and new regulations. For instance, the world famous museums such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Joslyn Art Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago present "children programs" that give priority to make children meet with art and support their interaction with the art works and artists. With services included in these programs such as guided tours, art workshops, story writing activities, drama activities, school programs, family programs, art courses, summer camps, video/blog contents, touch-do setups, digital interactive practices, mobile museums and museum loan boxes; the children are provided to leave the museum after they have fun, learn and gain different experiences. In the private museums in Turkey services as such are included to a lesser extent, though in the museums that are supported by the government these services are not included. In this context, this research is thought to serve as a model for the art museums in Turkey and make a contribution to the literature in this direction. In this study, which aim to describe the "children museums" in the art museums in the USA, descriptive survey model is used and the datas are collected by document review technique. Keywords: Art, Art Museums, Children Programs.


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