• Upon the upload of an article to the online journal system, an email confirming that the article has been submitted to the journal secretariat is sent to the author within the same day.
  • All articles submitted for evaluation, after being processed by a plagiarism detector software, is accurately read by assistant editors and the conformity/disconformity of the article with the publication policies, content and theme of the journal in academic and ethical terms is determined. Those articles determined to be in disconformity will be returned to the author/s with the necessary justifications.
  • Articles which meet the necessary requirements are to be evaluated in terms of language, narration and style. At this stage, articles which do not require major corrections are submitted to the editor-in-chief by the assistant editor after necessary edits have been completed. Articles with major problems about language, narration, style and grammar are submitted to the editor-in-chief with a brief report. The editor-in-chief returns the article to the author demanding the necessary corrections to be completed for re-evaluation.
  • The duration of evaluation by the assistant editor is one week for each article.
  • The editor-in-chief performs a final review of all articles submitted by assistant editors and the corrections deemed necessary. Following this process, the editor-in-chief categorizes all articles according to their scientific fields and submits them for blind peer-review to field editors.
  • The field editor will evaluate each article within one week in terms of field relevance, terminology and style and will determine its category (authentic article, compilation, research, critique, book review and evaluation). In case of any dispute over category between the field editor and the author, this situation will be reported to the editor-in-chief. Editor-in-chief will inform the author and thus will provide a consensus between the author and the field editor.
  • Articles reviewed and prepared for peer-review will be sent to three reviewers from within the field to be evaluated and reported within fifteen days.
  • The reviewers will evaluate the article in terms of authenticity, efficiency of methodology, conformity with ethical rules, presentation of findings and results, bibliography, style and language and report the article as “publishable,  Unpublishable-Lacking academic requirements,  ‘’Unpublishable – Involves content in disconformity with scientific and academic ethics’’, “ publishable after necessary corrections”. Authors will be informed about the status of the articles via email.
  • Authors are asked to upload the article within 30 days after the necessary corrections and review have been performed. Articles which have not been uploaded within this duration are deleted from the system.
  • The assistant editor, after checking whether the necessary corrections have been made or not, will submit the article to the editor-in-chief.
  • Articles, unless evaluated as “publishable” by at least two reviewers, will be declined and returned to the author with the reasons attached.
  • The editor-in-chief will check whether the evaluations by the reviewers have been objectively and properly handled. In cases of suspicion over objectivity or properness of evaluations, editor-in-chief will consult the publishing and advisory boards. If the majority of the members of these boards express the same opinion with the editor-in-chief, then the article will be submitted to another reviewer. The former reviewer will be warned about this situation and in case of further repetition of the same situation by the same reviewer, his/her name will be removed from the journal’s list of reviewers.
  • Articles objectively evaluated and reported by three reviewers as “publishable” will be published in the next volume of the journal following this process. Articles reported as “publishable” by two reviewers will be submitted to the publishing board for opinions and approval. In case of any necessary corrections recommended by the publishing board, the article will be returned to the author for the corrections to be applied.
  • Articles approved for publication will be sent to the author for the final review before page-setting.The evaluation process begins on the day the article has been submitted to the journal secretariat and the author will be informed about the decision within 90 days at most.
  • The reviewers have the right to demand corrections more than once and check the new version of the articles after the corrections have been made.
  • The online system organized for reviewer evaluation does not allow the authors and reviewers to see the names of each other.
  • All publishing rights of the approved articles belong to the Journal of Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Arts. Articles can not be published and copied without the permission of the journal administration and can not be used anywhere without reference.

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