Author : Fergana KOCADORU
Type : Özgün Makale
Printing Year : Aralık 2020
Doi Number :
Number : 11
Term : 5.Cilt Kasım/Aralık Kış Dönemi
Date : 2019-08-31 00:26:06


According to the general art history writing, women constitute a minority group. Male-dominated art history writing continued until the 1960s, and women artists could not find a place for themselves. In fact, it has been an important female artist in the history of art since the Renaissance. Although these female artists have created great changes, they have not achieved enough space in the history of masculine art. However, the freedom movement that took place all over the world after 1960 enabled women's rights to be questioned again. In the 20th century, new searches have been brought up in the context of women's problems. The reason for this is that the woman begins to question her place in society and to express her social, political and economic demands. With this freedom movement, art history writing was re-examined, it was stated that there were women artists in art history and researches were made on this subject. Feminist artists have made an intense critique of art history. They sometimes produced art with cynical and sometimes opposing positions. In these works, there is a rebellion of women artists against modernist male domination. Feminist artists aim to write an art history regardless of whether they are women or men. The aim of this study is to analyze the social and plastic effects of women artists after 1960 within the framework of feminist art. In the first part, the concept of female artist from the past to the present, the image of women, has been examined with its sociological and artistic aspects. In addition, the phases of the image of the woman are dealt with periodically. In the Second List, the sociological events in Feminist Art, the works of women artists regarding Feminist Art are examined in the context of chronological order and sociology of art. In the conclusion part, important works from the works of women artists in art after 1960 are given as examples, and the literature has been scanned by keeping the subject minimal.

Keywords :

Women, Art, Feminism, Equality, Art History
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