Type : Özgün Makale
Printing Year : Aralık 2020
Doi Number :
Number : 11
Term : 5.Cilt Kasım/Aralık Kış Dönemi
Date : 2020-11-19 21:18:26


In this study, it was aimed to determine the effects of environmental factors of two different proportional dance studios with the same characteristics on the perceptual evaluations of the participants. Ankara Latino Dance Studios was used as a research environment in order to determine the differentiation between perceptual evaluations of dance education users. With the real space research, the effects of space size and shape on the perceptual evaluation of the users were tried to be determined. For this purpose, different number of dance groups were taken to dance studio venues during the day and after approximately 10 minutes of information, users were asked to answer the research questionnaire. For this purpose, 100 people who used the dance studio participated in the research questionnaire created and the results obtained were evaluated with the SPSS program. The differences between the users' evaluation of the physical environment factors of the dance studios were analyzed by statistical methods. As a result, it was determined that there are statistically significant differences between the participants' evaluation of the environmental factors of dance studios with different spatial sizes and shapes. Accordingly, it is seen that a square-shaped studio with two equal areas (1x1 = 64m2) is perceived more positively than a rectangular dance studio with twice the volumetric size (1x2 = 128m2). In addition, men and 18-29-year-olds were found to evaluate the dance studio's environmental factors more positively than women and 30-45-year-old users. According to these results, it is understood that the differences in the proportional size and shape of the spaces may affect the reasons why the users / consumers prefer these spaces and their stay in the space more positively.

Keywords :

Dance Studio, Plan Type, Space Size, Interior Design
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