Author : Elif DOKUR
Type : Özgün Makale
Printing Year : Aralık 2022
Doi Number :
Number : 15
Term : 7. Cilt Kasım/Aralık Kış Dönemi
Date : 2022-09-16 15:57:03


The transfer of technical concepts to other languages with modern philosophy has led to a change in meaning over time. With the human being put into the subject position, the bond between technique and the essence of technique has moved away from each other. Therefore, Martin Heidegger considers and evaluates technology from a perspective within the framework of finding the truth and moving towards the truth. Heidegger examines this point of view through Aristotle's thought. In this context, Heidegger includes the question of “whether technology can be a redemptive aspect or not” in his research. This study emphasizes that technology should be re-examined by addressing the technical problem that becomes problematic with the development and progress of technology and the effects that occur on people. In this context, Heidegger's perspective on technology is mentioned and the relationship process between technology and human is examined. In the first part of the study, Heidegger's views on technology will be examined. Afterwards, Hayao Miyazaki's “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” will be analyzed by considering Heidegger's thoughts about technology and its relationship with humans through nature. Like Heidegger (1977, p.339), it will lead to a deeper understanding of the importance of art, nature, and technology. In the movie; It will be questioned how people can help to create an effective framework for how they should interact with nature and technology.

Keywords :

Heidegger, Technology, People, Nature, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
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