Type : Özgün Makale
Printing Year : Aralık 2022
Doi Number :
Number : 15
Term : 7. Cilt Kasım/Aralık Kış Dönemi
Date : 2022-11-16 12:30:52


It can be said that every time period and society has a different body perception&definition. These body perceptions change, develop and are equipped with new features with time and space. While defining the modern concept of power, Foucault focuses on its relationship with the body. He explains the formation of the modern body and the qualities it should have. Explains the concept of bio-power and the changing of the human body by power. Foucault says that disciplinary modern power controls and dominates the body and makes it passive; while Baudrillard says that the body is transformed into a cult object full of beauty and eroticism. It can be said that Barbie dolls are the reflection of modern definition of the body, imposed by modern power. This study’s aim is to understand the changing body perception of modern society through the American pop culture product and icon, the Barbie doll. Additionally, the changes in the body, clothing and life of these dolls in the process from the first production in 1959 to the present day. While establishing a connection with the multicultural and multi-identity structure of the modern world. The situation of transforming this bond into an advertising strategy is evident by the visuals used in the Instagram sharing of Barbie and Mattel; based on the concept of political correctness. All these topics will be discussed and analysed. It can be seen that Barbie dolls, which are compatible with the modern body perception defined by the modern power, were first produced as women only, and later the production was expanded to include all gender identities. It has been determined that the bodies, clothes, religion, ethnic identity and skin color of Barbie and her friends also change and diversify on the axis of social change, this change is reflected through the Instagram.

Keywords :

Barbie, Body, Multiculturalism, Multi-identity, Instagram
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