Author : Ümit GEZGİN
Type : Özgün Makale
Printing Year : Temmuz 2023
Doi Number :
Number : 16
Term : 8. Cilt Haziran/Temmuz Yaz Dönemi
Date : 2022-12-26 23:59:25


The Impressionist art movement was not only active in its own time, but also in other countries and influenced art, especially the art of painting. The understanding of art, which we describe as the artists of the Çallı Generation, and which has important expansions in terms of the spread of modernism and making it permanent, was also significantly affected by Impressionism. When the works of Çallı Generation artists are examined one by one, it can be seen how much the Impressionist Art Movement influenced them and that it is increasingly permanent. With their unique identities and characteristics, the artists of the Çallı Generation both traced their own personalities and were influenced by the Impressionist art movement in a distinctive way. It is seen that this effect is in the form of revealing their own characters by being inspired, rather than being under the influence of Impressionist movements and artists. It is possible to explain this wit Çallı Generation Artists, who are one of the important turning points in Turkish art history, have revealed their power to transform the Impressionism, which is the universal painting movement that developed in the West, while presenting a unique painting world. This can be considered as the privileged sides of Turkish painting and painters.h the strong characters of the artists and the way they were influenced by Impressionism.

Keywords :

Impressionism, Çallı Generation, Turkish Painting, Originality
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