Author : Ezgi TOKDİL
Type : Özgün Makale
Printing Year : Temmuz 2023
Doi Number :
Number : 16
Term : 8. Cilt Haziran/Temmuz Yaz Dönemi
Date : 2023-05-19 17:41:19


In the study, the underlying elements of violence against artworks, types of vandalism, the focus of criticism of public art from above and below, and the position of government policies in the critical dimension of public art are examined in the sample of Richard Serra's Tilted Arc and Berlin Junction works. In addition to the importance of public art and the positive policies towards public art since the 1960s, the effect of negative approaches such as site specificity (site specificity) law, privatization of culture and censorship of critical art on violence against works exhibited in the public space are other important factors analyzed within the scope of the research. However, although the reasons for the rejection of public art in the audience are classified as lack of experience and rejection of the unnatural in the mechanical flow, there are many underlying psychological factors that cause vandalism and turn into aggression towards the work. Among these, personality traits and psychological state of the individual come first; but it is also other factors among the reasons for the attacks on sculptures/installations exhibited in the public space such as aggression as an impulsive act as a result of the unconscious's rejection of the unknown, criticism as a social message, turning to vandalism as a way of getting rid of the uncomfortable situation, individual's desire to provide justice due to the imbalance between the perceived level of justice and the level of control. In the research, which aims to examine the psychological causes of vandalist acts against art exhibited in the public sphere, through the works taken as a sample; Andy Warhol's 13 Most Wanted Man works, Robert Motherwell's New England Elegy painting, Pablo Picasso's Chicago Picasso sculpture and George Sugarman's Baltimore Federal installation are other works selected for sampling from the universe by element sampling. The study, in which the descriptive content analysis method was used, is qualitative research in the relational screening model.

Keywords :

Vandalism, Iconoclasm, Public sphere, Critical art, Privatization of culture, Censorship of art, Richard Serra
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