Type : Özgün Makale
Printing Year : Temmuz 2023
Doi Number :
Number : 16
Term : 8. Cilt Haziran/Temmuz Yaz Dönemi
Date : 2023-06-04 19:39:38


Advert; ıt is a very significant communication tool in the promotion and dissemination of products, services and ideas, and advertising has a huge impact on people in daily life whether it is paid attention to or not. Ads with more results than sales; are made in different environments and for very different areas, and the textile and fashion sector are pulling ahead among these areas. Textile are products made from fibers, fine yarns or filaments that are natural, synthetic or a mixture of both, and cover all areas such as weaving, printing, knitting. Fashion, on the other hand, is one of the common senses of temporary life in a society. Products in the textile and fashion sector have been presented to consumers through advertisements over the years, thus the products have been both promated and sold. Printed advertisements have played an important role in the promotion and dissemination of textile and fashion products in the past. Fashion signs, one of the printed advertisements, are the drawings that introduce textiles and fashion products belonging to the fashion of the day, and Annuaire Oriental (Oriental Trade Yearbook) has become one of the fashion plates of the period. Annuaire Oriental, which is a trade guide, contains information such as technical drawing or illustration of textile and fashion products, what materials they are made of or decorated, alternatives and prices. The aim of this study is to provide information about textile and fashion products in Annuaire Oriental in 1901 and to analyze how products of the period were featured in printed advertisements. For this purpose, the Annuaire Oriental trade guide of 1901, which is in the digital archive of Salt Galata, has been used as a material in the study. Since the writing language of Annuaire Oriental is French, the texts on the pages have been translated. In the study, the characteristics of textile and fashion products are described and also product advertisements have been analyzed in terms of advertising expression elements such as illustration, vector image, typography. At the end of the study; it has been emphasized that the advertisements of textile and fashion products in Annuaire Oriental, one of the fashion signs, contain concrete information such as technical details and prices, and that the products in the advertisements are for sale.

Keywords :

Annuaire Oriental, Fashion, fFshion sign, Advertisement, Textile.
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