Author : Ayşe Gamze ÖNGEN - Sümeyra Merve İLBAK TAHMAZ
Type : Özgün Makale
Printing Year : Temmuz 2023
Doi Number :
Number : 16
Term : 8. Cilt Haziran/Temmuz Yaz Dönemi
Date : 2023-06-14 19:27:05


XX. One of the important technological developments of the century has been the invention of cinema. Over time, the topics covered in the cinema have changed and shaped according to the social needs of the period. During this period, the most important followers of the cinema audience were women. After the war years, the financial difficulties in the world and the inadequacy of social life created different problems for women. In order to get away from these troubles for a moment, women tried to improve their morale with simema and characters they admired. Strong free, etc., which is the leading role in the movie by the female audience of the cinema industry. They discovered that they started to imitate this style of dressing by being influenced by the clothing and attire of the famous film artists of the period, who portrayed female characters in particular. Thus, different clothing models, color and material diversity, etc. brought by the new fashion trends designed by the fashion industry through cinema. It was introduced to the society through cinema artists (fashion icons), who are a part of popular culture. When we look at the history of clothing, fashion has always been produced for active groups and has been a phenomenon directed by these groups. As an example of the first active group as a fashion movement; Although there is a bourgeois class that imitates the dressing of the European courtiers, over time actors, musicians, models, athletes, etc. In addition to popular artists, nowadays it is seen that bloggers are also involved. In this context, XX. Actors who played important characters in the 19th century cinema sometimes made a name for themselves with the costumes prepared by the fashion designer who dressed them for the character they took on, and sometimes the actor's name made the name of the fashion designer popular by bringing fame to the prepared costumes. In this context, since cinema and cinema artists have an important place in the history of fashion, XX. It is planned to support the main character with visuals by selecting some of the films of the 19th century, aiming to make a socio-cultural evaluation of the impact on society, especially on women.

Keywords :

Fashion, Cinema, Film Artists, Women, Clothing Fashion.
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