Author : Hüsnü Çağlar DOĞRU
Type : Özgün Makale
Printing Year : Temmuz 2023
Doi Number :
Number : 16
Term : 8. Cilt Haziran/Temmuz Yaz Dönemi
Date : 2023-06-20 11:12:02


With the 21st century, borders have disappeared in the world of social networks after web 2.0, which allows two-sided data flow, and the individual influence power of people has turned into a marketing tool as a commodity. In this period, the options for the end user have increased in terms of digital tools in which they can express themselves socially. Mobile devices, which have become a part of daily life, have allowed new forms of narrative and expression. Another advantage of bilateral interaction has been the increased availability of experience. Social media users, who shared their knowledge and experiences, also made it possible to create a unique network around them. These networks, which have quickly turned into a marketing tool by advertisers, and which are reliable and directly appealing to the target audience, have also made the concept of "influencer" a part of daily life. The ecosystem that has developed around the cinema, animation and game industry has created new areas of expertise and facilitated the application methods. The concept of avatar, which is the user's own representation within the concept of social media, has also evolved from a transformed representation to original digital characters thanks to these techniques. As a result of this period, the concept of virtual influencer has rapidly created its own space and audience in virtual social networks. Virtual influencers are virtual animatic characters designed according to the content and medium to be transmitted. They require technical expertise from many branches of art to produce the content they share through social media. Academic studies on virtual influencers at the intersection of animation, game and communication disciplines were scanned and it was seen that there was no research in terms of production techniques. Considering the detailed production techniques, the production styles of the selected virtual characters were compared.

Keywords :

Virtual Influencer, Social Media, Animation, Game Engines
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