• ‘Creative Commons Quotation& License 4.0’ and its further upgrades will be used as the framework of the Journal online system.
  • Journal of Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Arts JIA JOURNAL (IJIIA) holds no responsibility of the opinions of the authors stated in the articles published in the Journal. So, authors are legally and scientifically responsible for their own articles It is also under the responsibility of the authors that pictures, graphs, charts etc. to be sent as enclosure within the articles can be received by special permission.
  • The authors transfer all copyrights of their articles to Editorship of JIA JOURNAL (IJIIA) The journal has the right to publish or return the articles to the authors for correction if considered necessary. The journal management owns the publication rights, but legal and scientific responsibilities belong to the authors.
  • JIIA takes over the copyrights from the authors and allows all rights of free use to the public (Online access, copying, printing, duplication and distribution in any physical environment), except commercial aims and content amendment, by licensing them under Creative Commons Attribution Quotation-Licence 4.0 with the aim of supporting Open Access related to scientific content on the condition that all references be made in accordance with the reference rules stated. Commercial use of all content is due to permission.
  • Declaration of Secrecy

    Name, e-mail address and all other kinds of personal information transmitted to JIA JOURNAL (IJIIA) will only be used for the journal data base and on the strait of scientific aims. Information available on the system will not be used for other aims and will not be shared with third parties.

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